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Words to Works Ministry



I knew God had prepared me for this very day….Before we left I got to read about relating and ministering to Muslims. This particular day I met a young Muslim woman named Khadijah and she was wearing a hijab and face veil. After talking briefly I learned she was from Tinidad and Tobego and that she wore the coverings by choice so that she would be appreciated for the beauty of her personality. I was about to head back and start to prepare dinner for the team when I felt the Holy Spirit clearly telling me to go back and talk to her.

I turned around and walked back to the camp. I didn't have a clue how to approach Khadijah again, or to bring up my Savior. I spoke to a couple kids, but God soon provided an opportunity for me to speak again with Khadijah. I asked her what she believed about Jesus and the Bible, and I told her about some of the comparisons between our faiths I had learned about in my book. Soon, by the grace of God, I was telling her what I believe about Jesus. I shared how He rebuked the Pharisees for being good on the outside but dirty on the inside, and how I believe that we desperately need Him in order to be clean. I shared my story, how I was hopeless in spite of my efforts to be righteous until the day that Christ began to change my desires. I explained that the salvation prayer which she associated with Christianity was unbiblical, and that even though salvation must come through faith, faith is manifested by works. As Jesus had said, first clean the inside of the cup, and then the outside will be clean.

I had heard understanding in Khadijah, and so now I can only pray for the work of the Spirit in her life. I may have been able to plant a seed in Khadijah, but the Lord of the Harvest is the only one able to ensure its care and provide the growth. He does great things with my smallest steps of obedience! What an awesome God.


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Words to Works  


Believers World Outreach



Our team hit the ground running on Monday as the outreach team split and the men and women went in different directions to do ministry.

The men visited the town center where the leaders of the region come together at a café to discuss politics, religion and other topics. As the team was walking through the area, a man approached saying that they had a group that was waiting for them. When the team arrived at the outdoor café, there were 30 men gathered and the majority of them were Muslim wearing the traditional Muslim hats and there were a few Christians.  The men began to ask questions of the team. The crowd quickly grew to 100+ men who were eagerly listening to the answers and the gospel message that followed. Pastor Brian and Pastor Bond took turns answering the men’s questions.


At times it became tense when the Muslim café owner asked that people not clap after the answer was given and then again when the gospel went forth and 4 men responded saying they wanted to receive Jesus as their Savior and the other Muslim men began to yell and discourage them from doing so. Even amongst the persecution, the 4 men came forward and Pastor Brian led them off to the side, away from the crowd and was able to pray with them and lead them in the sinner’s prayer, while Pastor Bond continued to answer questions from the crowd. The other team members (Bud, Jonathan, Ryan and Isaac) were praying during the intense 3 hour session.