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Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas...


Fundraising for missions trips is tough work, it can be uncomfortable to ask people for money. That is why we created an easy way for you to share your story and collect money online. Your pages are fun to share because they give a lot of information about what you are doing with a cool design. While Missions Connex is the best way to ask people for support there are a couple of other things you can do to raise money. There are two keys to successful fundraising for mission trips. Either make it fun or make it personal. If you are going to do a fundraising event for your mission trip then make sure it is actually a good time and that people want to come to. If you are going to be asking people to support you don't just put your Missions Connex link as your status and hope people donate. Create a note that shares why you are going on the trip and tag 30 of your closest friends and make it personal to them. Let them feel like they are part of a special group that gets to donate to you. Here are some event ideas:


Skate Date Night

We had people prepay on a Missions Connex page and pay $20($10 to cover the roller rink cost and $10 to donate to the trip). It was a great night for couples(who wore red) and a great chance for singles to meet each other(they wore green). Everybody had a great time and we raised over a $1000.


Fancy or Themed Dinner

Have a fancy or themed dinner(Hawaiian, 80's, Around the World, etc.) have people pre-register or pay(you can use your Missions Connex for this too. Make sure it is well planned and it will give you a chance to tell people more about what you are doing. You can raise a lot of money doing something like this


Dodgeball Tournament

This is just plain fun, it can be dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, flag football or whatever. Just charge per team or person. You can make shirts. They key here is letting people know way ahead of time and really promoting the event.


Creative Support Letters

If you insist on sending support letters do something creative. The worst way to fundraise is to send a generic support letter template. Yeah it is easy to copy and paste but it is also impersonal and inneffective. Be real if you are going to write a letter and customize it, have fun and write like a real person. They have a word for support letter's called SPAM.Check out an example of an orginal one here.


Send Thank You Letters and Follow Up

The most important thing you can do is send a thank you as soon as you get the donation and send them a custom follow up about your experience after the trip. They love hearing about it...that is why they supported you in the first place. Their donation was an investment and you should show them what their money did. That way the next time they can't wait to support you again.

Send them some pictures, a DVD, or a slideshow. My favorite thing is to make a cool slideshow using Animoto and send out an email. It is great because it makes it look like you spent hours putting it together when it only took a couple minutes. Below is a link.


Animoto - The End of Slideshows