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Have Some Questions?


Here are some questions we get alot. Take a look, it might help you understand Missions Connex better...



Where does the money go?

100% of the money goes into either your merchant account or Paypal account. We don't hold any of the funds.


What is a merchant account?


A merchant account is what allows you to accept credit cards and put the funds in your bank account, if your church or organization currently accepts credit cards you probably have one. If not we can recommend one that works well for nonprofits. Just email us or call us


Are donations tax deductible?

Donations that go into a merchant account or Paypal account that is registered to a 501c3 are tax deductible if they follow IRS regulations(No goods or services are provided for the donation and the organization maintains discretion on how the funds are used). If the money goes into a personal Paypal account then they are not tax deductible. You can change your payment gateway at any time.


How do you bill?

We bill a credit card that you put on file every month for 1.99% of the total donations from the previous month. If you don't raise any money that month we don't bill you for anything.


Why 1.99%?

A lot of trips are short term and it doesn't make sense to pay for months when you aren't using it. We want to keep it as low as possible while still being able to cover our cost to continue developing new tools to make it even more effective. We have also seen that by using Missions Connex a lot of the money raised would have been left on the table without Missions Connex, so by paying 1.99% you can raise 10-20% more.


Can donors cover the admin fees?

Supports understand that with most online transactions there are fees involved. So you can give your donor the option to cover the Missions Connex fee.


Are there any contracts?

No, you can use Missions Connex as you need it and not pay for when you don't need it. Start and stop anytime you like.


Who builds the pages?

You get to! Our tools are so easy to use that even if you don't have any web or tech background you can still create great looking pages in 10-15 minutes. For group trips we recommend the group leader builds one page for everybody because it is easier to keep it centralized.


Can I sync the data with our accounting system?

Probably. You can export all the data into a .csv file which is pretty native for most databases. We also have to option to link with Quickbooks or E-Tapestry*

*E-Tapestry link is a one time $19 set up fee


More questions?

Give us a call at 970-430-6233